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    • I failed at #<b>ukgc15</b> | Baskers World January 28, 2015
      It sounds a wee bit dramatic and at odds with what happened on the day. Judging by all the feedback we've received so far, by all means #ukgc15 was a resounding success. The blog posts are beginning to come in, people ...
    • Looking forward to #<b>ukgc15</b>? | UKGovcamp January 12, 2015
      for their help and generous support in getting #ukgc15 off of the group, and all our other Sponsors for helping us fund future gov/local/bar camps. Here's what our generous sponsors have helped fund previously.
    • UKGovcamp 2015 is on! | UKGovcamp November 16, 2014
      Earlier on this year we crowdsourced feedback from those who attended #ukgc14 on what they wanted to see for #ukgc15. Results can be found here, and we've tried to take as many of your suggestions on as possible, when ...